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The community was founded more than 125 years ago and has grown to be a diverse metropolitan city while remaining strong to its agricultural roots. The population as of 2012 is 93,101 people. The region has strong agricultural roots with a variety of crops grown throughout the city. Yakima and the surrounding area is known for being the world’s leading producers of apples as well as 75% of all hops grown in the US.

Yakima Economic Values

The local economy is mainly based on agricultural production. There are over 250 manufacturing firms located here. These firms produce anything from food to communications to technology. Tourism is the fastest growing area of Yakima’s economy with over 70 wineries drawing visitors to the city.

Yakima Weather and Climate Information

In the average year, the area receives over 300 days of sun with daytime temperatures reaching mid 90s in the summer season. The climate is mild and mostly dry throughout the year, with only about 8 inches of rain each year.

Cultural Attractions and Businesses

Along with the many wineries to visit, Yakima also has museums to visit including: American Hop Museum, Yakima Valley Museum, and many others! There are various winter activities available including Skiing, snowmobiling, hiking one of the many trails and fishing.

Let Yellow Page Information help you in Preserving the Environment

As many areas in Washington, Yakima prides itself in keeping the city and agriculturally strong while keeping in mind ways to help the environment. For ways to do your part in helping the environment, please use our online yellow page resources and avoid needless phone book paper waste.

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